- Production designer always has to be
one step forward.
(Gintarė, participant)


Art Department Masterclass is an educational programme, designed to encourage a professional dialogue between the rising and experienced heroes of the art department. Our masterclass offers the necessary tools to fuel imagination, strengthen the visual sense, and improve professional qualifications.

Art Department Masterclass consists of two 5-7 days long training sessions bringing into focus particular field of art department’s work. During each session, up to five globally acknowledged experts will share their experience in seminars, case studies and Q&A sessions, aiming to uncover the session’s theme from all possible angles.

Art Department Masterclass is a moving workshop, which will invite you to two charming European cities.


1 World Building (Vilnius, June 21-26, 2018)

2 Digital Postproduction: A Playground for Building and Rebuilding the Worlds (Turin, October 23-28, 2018)

WORLD BUILDING focuses on the specifics of art department’s work in project development and production. Main topics to be discussed:

- Tools for effective visual communication / project presention: mood boards, draughts;

- Set Construction and importance of scale models;

- Set Decoration – colours, fabrics, props;

- Specifics of team work within the art department;

- Cooperation with the creative team – director / cinematographer;

- Visual language;

- Organising Art Department’s workfloor – responsibilities and duties.

DIGITAL POSTPRODUCTION: A PLAYGROUND FOR BUILDING AND REBUILDING THE WORLDS focuses on art department’s role in postproduction and the impact of digital technologies in creating the worlds. Main topics to be discussed:

- Constructing the Set vs Building the World in Potproduction: Cost Effectiveness;

- Dialogue between filmmakers working in the Art Department and Postproduction experts;

- Latest technology in use to improve Art Department workflow;

- Green/blue screens opportunities, advantages and disadvantages;

- Organising Art Department’s team work.

This session will also include a practical assignment. We will select 5 TV Series or Feature film projects in development and each participant will design a moodboard for one of those projects. At the end of the session, each of the projects will have four different moodboards designed by four different participants - production designers.

TARGET PARTICIPANTS: 20 professionals working in the art department. Not less than 80% of participants from EU countries and no more than 20% of participants from the rest of the world.

DURATION: Each training session is 5-7 days long.  

SELECTION PROCEDURE: Separate selection procedure is organised for each training session. Participants can apply to one or to both training sessions. 

FEE: 500 Eur per session. 

This amount covers workshop training, accommodation, and part of subsistence during the workshops. Participants must pay their travel costs. 

In each training session, we will allocate up to 3 scholarships for participants coming from low capacity countries. In many countries participants can apply to receive the scholarship for this training, therefore we encourage to apply for financial support with their national/regional funding bodies first.